Events in Blera

A Blera, la caratteristica cittadina a 2km dalla struttura, vengono organizzati numerosi eventi culturali e gastronomici di notevole interesse:

  • 7/8/9 June "Traditional Flavours Festival"
    During the festival it is possible to taste traditional dishes and typical products while walking through the old town, surrounded by live music and street performances.
  • 3/4/5 August "Festival of Volunteering"
    On this occasion a number of events, characterized by live music and traditional food, are taking place in piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII to celebrate and inspire volunteering.
  • 5/6/7 August  "Festival of Stratto Truffle and Lamb Dumplings"
    On this special occasion it is possible to taste some of the traditional dishes of Blera.
  • 23/24/25/26 August "Truffle Festival"
    A traditional feast of delicious local food takes place in the streets of Blera, the festival includes street performances, archaeological and sport events and environmental initiatives.
  • 14/15 October "Autumn colours and scent of olive oil mill"
    Several olive oil mills are opened to the public, visitors can experience how olive oil is made and of course taste it.
  • 8/9/10 November St Martin’s Day
    On those days, it is possible to taste local food and wine while visiting wine cellars open to the public.